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An Improved English to Chinese Translation Search Engine of Technical Text




Zhang, Xiangyu

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The English to Chinese automatic translators cannot always satisfy the requirement of users especially in technical fields. Through research, the main reason is the wrong translation of technical terminologies. The researchers summarized common mistakes of technical translation and then developed an IE (Industrial Electronics) dictionary that is a professional technical dictionary correcting the wrong translations by Google translation. With the Python platform, researchers can automatically replace incorrect translation by Google translation to get improved translations. Finally, we develop web pages to show translation results that can help Chinese engineers read industrial electronic papers and this approach can be also used in other technical areas. This master thesis (1) introduces the development of machine translation and how machine translation works; (2) reviews the necessary programming languages to complete the project; (3) edits the Industrial Electronics Dictionary;(4) develops an English and Chinese search engine which can search keywords in web pages.