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Using Polling to Understand High School Students' Perspectives on Internet Learning and Peer Support




Hendon, Kelli

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study explores students’ perceptions of Internet and peer-supported learning using student learning polls. Schools are expected to make improvements annually to increase student learning and achievement. The Learning from the Internet Poll includes questions on concepts such as homework assignments, parental support, web sites, virtual schools, teacher training, purposes for Internet use, time spent on the Internet, obstacles to Internet learning, and Internet safety. The Peer Support Poll includes questions on concepts such as typical behaviors in classroom learning groups, obstacles to learning, preparation for group tasks, group discussions, and feedback and evaluation of group work. The polls were administered in classrooms via paper and pencil format. The study included 444 students from a rural high school in Alabama. Gender was analyzed as a variable in responses. Data analysis from the polls provided insights for school improvement purposes. Allowing students to have a voice in their learning has a direct impact on school improvement.