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Sequestration of Co2 by Chemically Reactive Aqueous K2co3 in High Efficiency Adsorbents Using Microfibrous Media Entrapped Support Particulates




Sathitsuksanoh, Noppadon

Type of Degree



Chemical Engineering


This work is mainly focused on developing a new adsorptive material and regenerable system for CO2 removal to supply CO2-free gas stream for low temperature and low CO2 concentration applications, such as Alkaline Fuel Cells, Metal-Air batteries, and portable air-purifying respirators. A novel microfibrous media has been introduced for CO2 filtration from wet gas streams at room temperature. The microfibrous media was prepared by uniformly dispersing activated carbon particulates in the nickel fiber matrix via wet layer paper-making/sintering processes. The use of microfibrous media in a composite bed maximizes the breakthrough capacity per unit volume and promotes high accessibility. The microfibrous media synergically combines the high contacting efficiency of the microfibrous matrix and the small internal mass transfer resistance of the small particulates. The capacity of the microfibrous media can be reversibly recovered. The incorporation of microfibrous media to the Sodalime was observed. The result shows 120% improvement in the breakthrough capacity compared with the packed bed of the Sodalime with the same volume. This approach can be applied to miniaturize the reactor size, reduce thermal mass, and enhance the process intensification.