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Design Guidelines for Applying Regional Folktale Elements to Current Tableware Design




Han, Cunxia

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


The study is about how to apply the regional folktale elements to tableware design. Research is conducted to analyze and group cultures, and study five different regional cultural folktales. Folktales are summarized and categorized the folktale by symbols, which can be used as design inspiration and with it’s own cultural characteristics. After the research, a set of guidelines is developed to design the tableware with the regional folktale elements. The tableware’s shape, pattern, texture, color, balance, repetition and materials are inspired by folktales to some degree. Furthermore, material features are considered during application of materials to folktale symbols. A sample tableware set is built to show the effect of the guidelines of designing the tableware. The deliverable of designing a set of sample tableware will include concepts computer model and final physical models. The folktale featured tablewares are good conversational pieces during dining time. To illustrate, it is fun that parents teach their children about their cultural folktale during dinning time. Thus, it is a good way for preserving cultural heritage. Furthermore, it is a good channel for shearing culture with friends, with different cultural backgrounds.