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Zhang, Yuning

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture


People are consumed with speed: work quickly, play quickly, love quickly. Something we do want to do quickly, but not everything. Apparently, many people are misleading by the pursuit of quality of life that they suffer from the overloaded work and try to become wealthy. They are disoriented, distracted by the siren call of the marketers’ myths. People sacrifice adequate sleep or a healthy diet since they’re putting more demand on their bodies. Indeed, more often than not, we stray too far to places unknown in search of what we need, what we want and what we would die for just to have. The most visible way for landscape architecture to make a slow landscape is to slow down the people’s speed which means landscape architecture are more focus on adjusting the transportation system in the city. By providing a better quality of streetscape and send an image of green transportation by bicycle or on foot to improve the slow movement. However, we are not only pursue the speed but a spirit of life.The life you gather with your friends and family and laugh, cry, hug, cheer. The life you can notice the time passes and remember a phase of valuable moment. A slow life restores balance. The proposed site for this thesis design research project is an abandoned railroad area in Montgomery, the capital of the state of Alabama in the United States. It is a site led by the city and have fallen into a state of neglect with the trace of old railroad. It is a site that should be important to functioning the city, but it was forgot by people as it is covered by free growing plants. The principal objective of this research thesis is try- ing to capture the moment of joy for different people and help them reunderstand the meaning of slow lifestyle. In addition to deal with the space in a way to help people shape a behavior by themselves and enjoy the happiness and keep memories in the design.