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Light and Shadow




Hu, Yue

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture


My project is about “ Light and Shadow”. If we can see this world, it is because of light, when we see the light, we also can see the shadow with it. Light and shadow let us perceive everything around us. Hundreds years ago, the light is natural light, and then, with the bulb was invented, artificial light used by people by many ways. When Chinese built gardens thousands years ago, there is no artificial light, but Chinese attach importance to artistic conception, they used many ways to utilize natural light to create light and effect. And when we study the famous architecture, the designers are good at using light and shadow to create space. Also the interior design, they use natural light and artificial light to achieve different effects. But, when we make a general survey of landscape, the light and shadow haven’t grabbed people’s attention. So what I want to do is finding the method designers always used in architecture, interior design and Chinese traditional gardens, and then try to use the method in landscape.