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Investigating the Role of Servicescape on Site Selection for Traditional and Virtual Event Venues: A Comparative Study




Ladner, Savanna Brook

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management


The meeting and event industry has transformed into one of the leading sectors of the hospitality and tourism industries, making it important for traditional and virtual event venues to understand the logistics behind meeting planners’ site selection decisions. Previous research has shown consumers are influenced by their surroundings, or environmental factors known as ‘servicescape’. This study examines the relationships between a venue’s layout and functionality, aesthetic appeal, safety and security, and social factors for virtual event venues, in regards to meeting planners’ intent to return to the venue or recommend it to others. Additionally, the study aims to identify any differences that exist between the traditional and virtual event venues. This empirical study applied a quantitative research method to survey a sample of meeting planners through an online-based questionnaire. Findings of the study indicate that the servicescape of an event venue can be influential in regards to a meeting planners’ intent to recommend a venue, and the study identifies similarities and differences among venue types. Theoretical and managerial implications of the study are discussed and recommendations for future research are introduced.