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Consideration of 2-150 kHz Disturbances in North American Power Systems




Devore, Elizabeth

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


This is an evaluation of considerations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) limits for power line communication (PLC) based on North American standards. In the vast majority of cases, smart meters are located in the low voltage (LV) environment and must be designed to operate suitably in the presence of disturbances bounded by set compatibility levels (CLs). In Europe, without standardized limits for emissions in the frequency range allotted for smart meters (2-150 kHz), levels have reached the point where smart meter communication disturbances occur. In the United States, there are no defined CLs for 2-150 kHz, but there are limits for voltage notches in IEEE Standard 519. In this evaluation, compatibility level curves proposed by European utilities and end user equipment manufacturers are used to consider the emission limits set by North American commutation notch limits. The proposed CLs are also evaluated based on end user device measurements taken in North America. Further consideration is given to the propagation from the point of measurements to the point of common coupling (PCC). It is found that North American commutation notch limits may be considered for the purpose of setting emission limits.