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Design Guidelines of Applying Regional-Cultural Factors in Creating Visual Brand Language




Hao, Tian

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Appling cultural factors in product design is an attractive topic worthy to study. Regional culture, which affects people’s daily life from many respects, is one of the decisive factors for design directions. However, during the process of design research and concept generations, many designers have not noticed that their works are based on a certain culture, or the cultural factors they use are not matching their design target. To solve this problem, many designers from different countries and regions conducted much valuable researches regarding regional-cultural design. On the basis of their personal experience and years of local cultural infiltration, those designers explored methods of regional-culture learning and cultural-factor, applying results in one direction. Those research results provide precious reference value and research directions for this research. To provide a distinct idea, this research will start from a new respect and introduce a popular concept-- Visual Brand Language-- as an advanced carrier of regional-cultural factors. Visual Brand Language will help designers to manage design target and show off the final design result in perfect order. The foundational idea of this research is to match the regional-cultural factors with the design target. To make this happen, the final guidelines will alternatively focus on the design target, which is under the management of Visual Brand Language, and regional culture. It will also provide a way to for designers to define their cultural tools based on the design target learning. Another important function of this research is providing a new way to analyze regional culture in the design area-- a culture stratification which is a learning and application frame for designers to learn and use regional culture.