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Guideline to refine the product appearance based on analysis of the line shape in the two-dimensional views




Wang, Shijia

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


According to the human perception, humans are more sensitive to the shapes of objects. For the product, the line shape represents the shape of the product in a two-dimensional view, and lines also work as the original and important elements of the visual world. Therefore, having a good outline contour is important for the product. Thus, this thesis is intended to study how to refine the line shape of the product in a two-dimensional view, which can make the appearance of product more reasonable and attractive. In order to achieve this purpose, research is conducted to analyze the human perception of the lines, how to apply the produce semantics theory to line shape to making it more understandable, and also the need to analyze the human preference of the lines. Those methods are developed into the guideline to aid designers in analyzing the line shape and refine the appearance of a product in two-dimensional view. Finally a design example with design sketches, analysis process, and physical models is given to show the feasibility of the design guidelines.