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Narrative Case Study of Three Secondary Mathematics Teachers that Use Technology Effectively in Classroom Instruction




Garcia, Nancee

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Curriculum and Teaching


Despite calls for the implementation of technology in today’s classrooms to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics, very few teachers implement technology in effective ways, even when they are adequately prepared and supported to use technology in the mathematics classroom. This study sought to answer the question, what inspires some teachers but not others to implement technology despite having similar opportunities? A narrative case study of three teachers who effectively used technology in the mathematics classroom for teaching and learning was conducted, where effective technology use referred to the use of mathematical action technology that requires students to engage in reflection, sense making, and reasoning about the mathematics. Using narrative interviews and classroom observations, the events experienced by these exemplary teachers related to learning to effectively use technology in the secondary mathematics classroom were first identified, then a cross-case analysis was undertaken to identify how the events and experiences in the personal narratives of those teachers influenced their implementation practices of technology in the context of reform mathematics. Several important factors associated with their technology implementation practices in the secondary mathematics classroom were identified across the cases, including leadership roles related to technology use, access to resources and support, and a growth mindset with respect to teaching and technology. Many of these factors were related to their participation in a comprehensive professional development program to improve mathematics teaching and learning, as well as their preservice preparation.