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A season long investigation of experiences of a NCAA Division III women's basketball program




Eiler, Kim

Type of Degree



Health and Human Performance


The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of a NCAA Division III women’s basketball program. The overall focus was to conduct a season long investigation of motivational factors and perceptions as they related to the Self-Determination and Cognitive Evaluation theories of motivation. Fifteen women’s basketball players from a small Midwestern institution participated in the study. Following each game, the participants completed a critical incident response form answering the following question: “What was the most significant thing about today’s game? Themes of winning, losing, and persistence emerged from the critical incidents. Results indicated that the participants were extrinsically motivated and focused on outcome orientation. The study also examined three players of differing levels of playing time in regard to their motivational orientation. Results were related to various theories of motivation and practical applications for coaches were presented.