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Theoretical Moment-Rotation Curve for Steel Piles Embedded in Concrete




Hammett, Stephen

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


The accurate modelling and analysis of connections formed by embedding steel piles in concrete is a difficult undertaking that has only recently begun to receive attention in the research community. These connections are inherently three-dimensional problems that involve the nonlinear behavior of the constituent materials. Despite these complexities, the author postulates that simpler, two-dimensional analysis methods can be used to model the flow of stresses from the face of the pile (where the resisting couple exists) into the encasing concrete. This paper examines four two-dimensional methods to evaluate their potential as connection models. One of these methods (Method 3) yielded results that closely matched the rotational stiffness results from full-scale tests, while another method (Method 4) yielded results that closely matched the currently accepted calculations for moment capacity. The shortcomings of the two-dimensional methods are discussed and recommendations for improvements are provided.