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Evaluating the Agreement of Methods using Gaillard-Makki Method




Makki, Golbou

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Mathematics and Statistics


In many laboratory studies such as medicine, fisheries, and chemistry comparison of two different methods of measurement is of great importance. These measurements are critical when the methods are changed, a new or alternative method proposed, or two exciting methods are not in complete agreement. The most common used methods such paired t-test, correlation and regression can be misleading, thus, Altman and Bland introduced a new method to address the shortages of those methods. However, Altman-Bland method is not introducing a test of significance. Moreover, threshold and intervals in this method are not set in prior. These two drawbacks are addressed in this study. P-value quantified for the Altman-Bland method and thresholds are set before the run of test.