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Contact-free Vital Sign Monitoring Using Phase Difference of Channel State Information




Yang, Chao

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Vital signs, such as breathing and heartbeat, are useful to health monitoring since such signals provide important clues of medical conditions. Effective solutions are needed to provide contact-free, easy deployment, low-cost, and long-term vital sign monitoring. In this paper, we present PhaseBeat to exploit channel state information (CSI) phase difference data to monitor breathing and heartbeat with commodity WiFi devices. We provide a rigorous analysis of the CSI phase difference data with respect to its stability and periodicity. Based on the analysis, we design and implement the PhaseBeat system with off-the-shelf WiFi devices, and conduct an extensive experimental study to validate its performance. Our experimental results demonstrate the superior performance of PhaseBeat over existing approaches in various indoor environments.