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Explosive Spin Compaction of Ceramic Nanoparticles




Ravichandran, Sadhwi

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Materials Engineering


A new technique for explosive compaction was introduced known as explosive spin compaction. Neodymium iron boron and Barium Titanate were studied before and after spin explosive compaction using SEM, XRD and vibrating sample magnetometer. The structural properties were studied before and after spin compaction of both bulk and milled nano particles of both materials. The compacts were prepared by spin compaction at different velocities for both the materials and compacts retrieved and studied. The compacts of bulk and milled magnetic materials were studied using a vibrating sample magnetometer and slight variations were seen when compared to compacts from traditional compaction. This may be due to achieving near theoretical density and different microstructures observed in the compacts. The variations seen in bulk and milled magnetic compacts were due to the compact’s amorphous structure and contamination that may have occurred during the milling process.