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COURSEBUILDER: Design and Development of an eLearning System




Ramesh, Nandakrishnan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Computer Science and Software Engineering


Web-based learning environments have the potential to support collaboration among teachers and students and encourage interaction in the classroom by providing quality Internet resources for learning. By incorporating these environments into the classroom, students can benefit from the support these environments provide in various core subjects within the curriculum. This research is to examine the importance of increasing Internet resources within any discipline by investigating and developing a web-based learning environment that encompasses interactive modules and interactive lessons. We will create tools that support both formal and informal learning to increase the appeal of the learning system for both teachers and students. With the help of CourseBuilder, one can build an online course and try new technologies with CourseBuilder, an open source online education platform. It has a rich feature set and supports online interaction with your students. Are you thinking about delivering a course with supportive technologies related to education or edX technologies? This product was developed to support the ease of use in the creation of online course materials for formal or informal education.