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Three Essays on Big Data Adoption and Its Impact on Business Value Creation




Sun, Shiwei

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Systems and Technology


Characterized by volume, variety and velocity (3Vs), big data has received much attention from firm executives, government officials, and academic scholars in the last few years. The emerging era of big data offers firms new opportunities to develop competitive advantage. Big data can play an important role in revolutionizing and streamlining business in the current volatile environment. Thus, the adoption and implementation of big data is critical to business success. Essay 1preensts a meta-analysis of big data use and its impact on business value creation and develops a big data use effects framework. As extant research expands, the impact of big data is becoming more evident. However, it is beneficial to review empirical research results to develop a better understanding of these impacts. Essay 1 presents a meta-analysis literature review of current big data literature that investigates the impacts of big data. Using this review, we develop a big data use effects framework that offers directions for future research. Essay 2 investigates the relationship between organizational readiness for change and intention to adopt big data in a turbulent environment. A theoretical framework, grounded in open-systems theory, is used to examine the relationships among organizational readiness for change, market turbulence, and intention to adopt big data. Appropriateness, management support, change self-efficacy, and personal valence positively influence the big data adoption intention. Market turbulence partially moderates the relationship between organizational readiness for change and the intention to adopt big data. The findings provide theoretical and managerial implications. Essay 3 presents an examination of the relationships among big data capabilities, organizational decision making, and business value creation. Using big data innovation to create business value is a challenge for practitioners, especially in turbulent business environments. Drawing on a process-level business value creation view and the dynamic capabilities perspective, we investigate the use of big data in creating business value through organizational decision making quality improvement. The moderating role of organizational innovativeness is discussed. The findings offer a better understanding of big data use in practice.