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A Guideline to Facilitate Over the Air Communication in a Disaster Scenario




Kennedy, Sean

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


During and directly following a disaster information is key. Not only getting information to the people that are in crisis but also getting data and reports out of the affected area so that relief agencies can act as quickly and effectively as possible is necessary. With the wide use of smartphones and mobile computing a unique opportunity has presented itself, more information can be collected by individuals that ever before. The challenge following a disaster is to re-establish over the air connection so that people can send and receive crucial information. Another challenge is making sure these handheld devices that serve as a life-line remain charged and operable. Through the use of wireless technology and self-generating power sources a network could be set up quickly to address the needs of the survivors on the ground. By establishing a guideline that brings together technology, durability, and design, appropriate design strategies can be created to meet the needs of both relief agencies and the people on the ground.