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Development of New Composite Materials for Secure Storage Units to Increase Burglary Resistance




Roebbecke, Kai

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Materials Engineering


The aim of this research is it to find and develop new materials for secure storage systems with increased physical burglary resistance. The tests and evaluation of the materials takes place on the basis of the fulfilment of the common European and American standards, EN 1143-1 and UL 291. This would guarantee the certification of the developed materials. For the selection of potential safe materials, individual test procedures are devised to find the best materials in the most common burglary attack categories: Abrasive resistance, thermal resistance, and impact resistance. Comparable resistance values are determined for these materials and scientific relationships explained to consolidate the practical results. Composite solutions with the best performing materials of the tests are proposed to surpass the resistance values for commonly used safes. Additionally, improvement solutions for the developed concepts are given.