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Design and Development of a GPS Intermediate Frequency and IMU Data Acquisition System for Advanced Integrated Architectures




Newlin, Michael

Type of Degree



Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advanced levels of GPS and INS integration, including Deeply Integrated and Ultra- Tightly Coupled, have been reported to provide significant gains in anti-jamming capa- bility and reduced susceptibility to loss of GPS signal lock. This thesis provides the design and development of a GPS intermediate frequency and IMU data acquisition system that can be used for the implementation of these advanced GPS and INS inte- grated algorithms. Details of the design of the system are covered, including GPS chip set selection, signal conditioning, and data collection. The system is capable of syn- chronizing IMU measurement collection to the collection of digitized GPS intermediate frequency in real-time using a derivative of the GPS IF sampling clock to sample the IMU measurements. This synchronization is necessary for proper integrated algorithm implementation. The system was installed on a moving platform and the results of the experiment are shown using a GPS software receiver for the validation of the digitized GPS IF and the plotting of the IMU measurements.