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Smart Kids Application to Develop the Potential Interests for Children




Li, Guorui

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Computer Science and Software Engineering


Children today are growing up in a rapidly developing world filled with quickly evolving technologies, such as the Internet, smartphones, and smart mobile devices, etc. As a result, more applications designed with children as the targeted population, and young students have more ways to obtain educational resources online. This work will discuss an educational app for children who want to find out more about their interests or help them to explore their interests in different topics such as science and health from a youth perspective. The proposed project will be implemented as a mobile application and specifically an android application based on a web crawler system and a recommendation system. The system will collect data from specific organizations, which have educational articles aimed at children, such as Also, we have collected requirements, designed and developed a user-friendly Android application for teenagers (i.e., based on user feedback) and students can utilize this app to access exciting topics (e.g., youth science). We aim to improve user experience in the area of STEM content access. Based on the student interaction with the application, we will refine the design of our recommendation system to analyze student interests and provide comparative data to support the targeted population in quickly finding information in their fields of interest.