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APT-GT Project: Design and Development of an E-learning System




Qitong, Zhang

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Computer Science and Software Engineering


Over the years, the availability and sophistication of e-learning tools has developed rapidly. Compared with the traditional education, the E-learning platform saves workforce and financial resources, and people no longer need to go to the classroom for learning. Based on the prevalence of mobiles devices and easy access to the Internet our lives, our work and our learning styles have been changed. Time, space, and location conditions no longer restrict teaching and learning. Knowledge acquisition channels become flexible and diverse. We built a Web-based tool named The Automatic Phonetic Transcription Grading Tool (APT-GT) that enhanced the user experience for both teaching and learning [6]. APT-GT is a Web-based language learning system used by the Communication Disorders department in the College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University. This system was designed to support students with their language ability. With the help of APT project, students practice the ability to perform communications transcription and enter this information and characters using the International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA) keyboard. Moreover, they immediately receive assessment of their exercises instantly from the system. For multilingual learners, ALT offers a variety of phonetic transcriptions for various keyboards.