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A Framework to Support into Computer Science Education: The Joy of Computing




Alobaily, Amjad

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Computer Science and Software Engineering


The framework is web-based learning environments related to the Computer Science Principles and big ideas in computing. The National Science Foundation (NFC) and the College Board support the CS Principles. The beauty and joy of computing (BJC) coined at Berkeley was designed to enhance Advance Placement (AP) courses in high school. Students can benefit from the support this framework provides to the seven big ideas in computing. Computer science has a shortage in the K-12 environment. Moreover, for the past ten years, alone college students planning to major in computer science have dropped by more than 70%. The CS Principles is an attempt to attract high school students to the field of computer science through animation and interaction with teaching staffs, which is designed to show potential computer science students how the discipline is invested in the idea of joy and beauty. Through the BJC we can create an online education platform to teach students by using games or videos and assess the progress of students by a quiz.