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Contact-free Breathing Rate Monitoring with Smartphones: A Sonar Phase Approach




Huang, Runze

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Vital sign (e.g., respiration rate) monitoring has become increasingly more important because it offers useful clues of medical conditions such as sleep disorders. There is a compelling need for technologies that enable contact-free and easy deployment vital sign monitoring over extended period of time for healthcare. In this paper, we present a SonarBeat system to leverage a phase based active sonar to monitor respiration rates with smartphones. We provide a sonar phase analysis and discuss the technical challenges for respiration rate estimation utilizing an inaudible sound signal. Moreover, we design and implement the SonarBeat system, with components including signal generation, data extraction, received signal preprocessing, and breathing rate estimation, with Android smartphones. Our extensive experimental results validate the superior performance of SonarBeat in different indoor environment settings