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Application of Modularity Principles in Designing of Functional Regenerating Open-ended Toys Alongside with Child Development




Liu, Fangyi

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


The toy industry is massive. This benefits children a lot with varieties of creations sprouting every year. This hurts the environment due to their poor quality and usability. As an industrial designer, designing the product that serves for a longer time is an efficient way to contribute to our environment and our future. This thesis is aiming at teaching designers an approach for designing an open-ended toy which can grow with children. With children’s development, their needs are rapidly changing. This is because their abilities are developing dramatically. So studying children and play development is becoming significantly vital for delivering a successful outcome at the end of the research. Different children development theories will be included in the literature review. Open-ended toy provides children more varieties of playing. Controlling the openness is essential in the development of children and the toys. Modularity principles will also be studied to assist the goal creating of growable toys.