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The Development of Bipolar Electrochemiluminescence Sensing Systems using Thin-layer Electrochemistry and AC Excitation




Yu, Songyan

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Bipolar electrochemistry, which generates an asymmetric reactivity on the surface of conductive objects in a wireless manner, has become a promising field for various applications. It enables the coupling of anodic and cathodic redox reactions at the opposite ends of the bipolar electrode (BPE) and provides a new paradigm for electrochemical sensing. Electrochemiluminescence (ECL), the light-emitting process generated by electrochemical means, could transfer the electrochemical signal into light emission under bipolar electrochemistry. The primary goal of this dissertation is to develop reliable BPE ECL sensing systems of detecting electroactive species and bio-targets using thin-layer electrochemistry and AC square wave excitation with merits of high-throughput, miniaturization, multiplicity, versatility, low cost, and simple instrumentation.