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The Frictional Impact of Two Link Chain with a Flat




Akhan, Ahmet

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical impact is an important phenomena in mechanical systems such as robotics, multibody systems, spacecraft vehicles, ground vehicles, etc. It is a complex phenomenon that occurs when two or more bodies collide. The studies on the impact focus on reaction forces created during the collision and the dynamic response of the objects. Impact happens in such a small period and large forces are generated. In this study, the impact of two link kinematic chain with a flat is studied. The links in the chain are connected with a revolute joint and the motion of the chain is planar. Only the first link of the chain is impacting and the end point of the second link is free to move. First, computer simulations using the Jackson Green model and a smooth coulomb friction coefficient are conducted. Simulation results are compared with the experimental data. The motion of the kinematic chain has been recorded with a high speed camera at 6,000 fps. Generated videos have been analyzed with an image processing algorithm. Pre-impact and post-impact velocities of each link are calculated from the video. To gather better understanding of impact of the kinematic chain, the kinetic energies of each link and total kinetic energy of the chain is analyzed. Experimental results, and computer simulations showed a connection between the first link initial impact orientation, and the second link kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of the second link increases after the impact for some impact configurations.