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Influence of Silane Additive Agent on the Polymer-Based Dielectric Material




Wei, Jindong

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Materials Engineering


The dielectric material, a kind of material whose polarization will change with the applied external electric field. With the development of technology, there comes a higher requirement for energy storage material. For the request on the nowadays electronic devices, it’s necessary for the energy storage material to have a high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and a high breakdown field. In this thesis, the 1H, 1H, 2H, 2H-Perfluorooctyltrichlorosilane was used as the silane additive agent and mix with P(VDF-CTFE) 91/9 mol.% polymer matrix. We study the frequency dependence dielectric property, temperature dependence dielectric property, dielectric property under a high electric field and its breakdown process of the mixture sample with different content of silane additive agent. From the experiment result, it’s easy to see that the dielectric property and dielectric breakdown strength is improved by the adding of silane additive agent. For the first part, this thesis will briefly introduce the dielectric material, dielectric property and the mechanism behind dielectric breakdown; the second part will focus on the sample preparation process, the test of dielectric property and the test of dielectric breakdown strength; the third part showed the experiment result and discussion of the phenomenon; the fourth part will show the discussion of this thesis and the work of the future.