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El Cine Quinqui: Transgresión en las masculinidades retratadas en el cine postfranquista de la Transición




García Rodenas, Monserrat

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Foreign Language and Literature


Spanish transition to democracy (1975-present) accelerated the process of searching for new identities and film narratives depicted what had been censored and repressed during the dictatorship. This master’s thesis is restricted to the period of the Spanish Transition according to the concerns portrayed in the so-called “quinqui cinema” and the appearance of new masculinities and gender roles which may have been internalized as beliefs, values and opinions in Spanish society. Quinqui cinema reflects a changing mentality and the spectator’s gaze is transferred. Through the analysis of its main male protagonists will be highlighted what aspects offer a new way of understanding masculinity and which gender roles challenge the patriarchal model.