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An Approach for Researching the Relationship Between Physical Design Characteristics Through Eye Tracking and Kansei Evaluation of Products




Shen, Junyi

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Kansei engineering is widely used to explore the relationship between design elements and consumer Kansei, however, the methodology of conducting Kansei research and developing new design is still needed to be completed. This thesis proposes an approach to do research on human Kansei and conduct new product design based on Kansei research. A capsule coffee machine will be used as the object of the study. Different techniques and research tools will be applied in the research. Eye-tracking testing will also be applied to discover the consumer’s concentration areas of a specific product. A semantic differential experiment will be conducted to evaluate human Kansei towards different product samples. A series of statistical analysis methods will also be used to determine the relationship between design categories and consumer’s Kansei. Some positive results may be obtained, which can be reasonable support for further research. Many significant correlations were also found in the development of a new capsule coffee machine design, which has predictable Kansei value.