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Developing a Magnetically Suspended Disc System for Industrial Applications, with Application on Ring Spinning




Abuelenin, Sherif

Type of Degree



Textile Engineering


A Magnetically suspended and lightweight disc (rotor) system is designed; the rotor can spin freely inside the stator. The stator is equipped with four magnetic actuators that always keep the rotor in its central position. A controller is designed for the operation of the suspended disc. As an application the suspended rotor system is used to introduce a new spinning concept termed “magnetic spinning.” The rotor in this configuration replaces the ring and traveler in the traditional spinning system. System concept and control analysis are discussed in this research. We also introduce a numerical simulation of the process; the model used in the simulation was built using Simulink®. Simulink® is a software package for modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamic systems. The model takes into account all the mechanical and electrical parts of the system, and the parameters that affect the operation. The simulation is used to analyze the yarn tension and ballooning.