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Application of Learning Through Play in designing school playgrounds (Preschools to Kindergartens) to aid in children’s development




Yan, Ying

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Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design

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Children are able to promote their academic learning performance through playing, which is more effective than traditional learning methods. Hence, suitable designing for school playgrounds aimed at providing an effective way to improve children’s skills and development is important. However, with reducing playtime and raising academic learning time, children’s needs are often not prioritized. Meanwhile, children’s unhealthy issues also emerge such as obesity, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, most preschool play spaces are sterile with few or limited equipments. This thesis is aiming at aiding designers in an approach for designing educational playgrounds at schools, including preschools and kindergartens (2 – 6 years old), to appeal to children’s needs in their growth. Their needs and development change faster. Therefore, studying the connection between children's development and play is vital for developing a successful approach at the end of the research. The literature review includes play, children development, school playgrounds, and experience design aspects.