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Design Approach of Adaptable Residential Space Design with Childhood Development




Zhang, Jingpan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Children’s room design for a specific age period is a mature field. However, few children room designs will consider the adaptability of the room. Creating a room that could grow with children is necessary. This thesis discusses the design approach of creating a residential space that grows with children. It can meet different needs in diverse age periods. Children’s needs in distinct age periods are various. The thesis provides information from adaptable room design, childhood development, and children room design in the literature review. Based on the research, the thesis provides two essential viewpoints, which is the fundamental thinking for creating the design method. They are the order of children age division and children ability selection. Depending on the literature review and the two vital perspectives, the design approach is formed. There will be three phases of the design approach. They are the preparing phase, design phase, and construction phase. After the design approach, the thesis would introduce a design application to provide an example of utilizing the design approach.