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Development and Application of a Functional Apparel Framework Using Mixed Methods




Michaelson, Dawn

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Consumer and Design Sciences


This study employed a mixed method approach to develop and apply the proposed Multidimension Functional Apparel Framework (MFAF) to two separate case studies. The proposed functional apparel framework was developed from an extensive literature review of over 180 articles, books, and proceedings. The MFAF is divided into four dimensions; (a) end-user, (b) task, (c) design, and (d) production, and has twenty-eight (28) variables. Case study 1 investigated the usage and expectations of sun protective apparel for children. The second case study investigated wildland firefighters’ perceptions of their NFPA 1977 Protective Clothing along with any perceived functionality differences between NFPA 1977 apparel editions. The qualitative and quantitative findings were analyzed separately for both studies and two additional variables were found to be necessary in the framework. A modified Multidimensional Functional Apparel Framework with all 30 variables was proposed for use by future functional apparel researchers.