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Patient-Centric Facility Design for Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals




Teran-Somohano, Alejandro

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Industrial and Systems Engineering


This dissertation presents two novel models for solving the facility layout problem in a physical rehabilitation hospital. The first model solves the block layout problem, where the relative location and size of the departments in the facility are determined. The model is based on Space Syntax. Space Syntax offers a series of tools that can be used to analyze and quantify spatial relations which are useful when modeling block layouts. Two Space Syntax-based metrics are introduced to model proximity and ease of access in layout designs. A tabu search algorithm is used to find the block layouts. A set of test problems show the ability of this approach to handle healthcare-specific design requirements better than existing metrics. Results show that the Space Syntax approach provides powerful, but easy to use, modeling capabilities, and that the block layouts resulting are more realistic. The second model is a mixed integer program for constructing corridor networks on a block layout that minimize travel distance, number of intersections and maximum traffic on a turn. Both models are configurable so that facility designers can generate different designs based on their goals by changing the model parameters. An evaluation of designs resulting from different parameter combinations is performed and some guidelines for facility designers are provided.