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Selected Factors in High Schools that Affect Employment Status




Cook, Fabian

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study examined the anticipated impact of workforce education efforts and the use of career pathways for young adults during secondary and postsecondary years of education and into the workforce for all socioeconomic groups. Study findings indicated that current employment levels were higher for adults that had received postsecondary education. Additionally, adults that had not graduated from high school were employed at lower rates than those that had graduated from high school. This study also found significant differences in the ability to attain full-time employment based on an individual’s socioeconomic status. This study focused on the mission of workforce education and programs at both federal and state level governments that address how professionals administer and carry out workforce education. Additionally, a review of community partnerships and industries’ efforts that are leading and establishing innovations in workforce education to sustain a pipeline of qualified personnel in the labor market was conducted and is discussed.