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Recommendations on how to Alter an Environment Design that Enhances User Ability to Perform the Creative Problem-Solving Process




Kaestner, Evelyn

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


This thesis explores the importance of deliberate environmental design in relation to sustaining quality knowledge work and quality creative work. This thesis will focus on specifically environment design for the Industrial Design student in order to supply specific needs. This thesis will first explore the behavioral sciences of what is required for a human to achieve and maintain their optimal mindset for producing their best quality of work. This optimal mindset is intimately concerned with understanding how humans achieve effective focus, productivity, and creativity problem solving. This thesis will provide a literature review, which will consolidate thorough research concerning human factors, ergonomics, neurology, psychology, and the sciences of creativity, behavioral engineering, and workplace design. After this education on the matters necessary to construct environments to support this optimal mindset, this thesis will develop a methodology based on these discoveries. The end result of this thesis will be a list of guidelines in the form of an outline. This outline of the developed methodology may be used by any Industrial or Environmental Designer as a reference when constructing studio workspaces for either themselves or other designers with the goal of maximizing creative problem-solving performances. This thesis will conclude by evaluating and redesigning an Industrial Design Student Studio workspace in accordance to this methodology.