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Community College Student's and Faculty's Perception of Teaching Excellence




Crowder, Jennifer

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study examined the relationship between community colleges faculty and students perceptions on the teaching behaviors necessary for excellent teaching. The research questions looked at what faculty’s perceptions were in regards to teaching behaviors necessary for excellent teaching. The second research question examined student’s views on excellent teaching behaviors. The third research question examined the relationship between faculty and student’s views on excellent teaching behaviors.. Participants were recruited from two community colleges in the state of Alabama and were composed of both instructors and students. This study used both an online survey and a paper survey to collect data. The survey used was the Teacher Behavior Checklist (Keeley, Smith, & Buskist, 2006) along with selected demographic variables. There were 76 faculty respondents and 300 student respondents. The researcher used a Chi-square of independence test to determine statistical differences. While there were demonstrated significant differences among the respondents there were also similarities. Faculty and student respondents agreed on the following seven teaching qualities for teaching excellence: 1) knowledgeable about subject matter, 2) approachable/personable, 3) encourages and cares for students, 4) respectful, 5) realistic, 6) accessible, and 7) creative. This study demonstrates that there are some areas where there is disagreement about what makes an excellent instructor. By understanding where there are some discrepancies, instructors are able to build their teaching toolbox with strategies to alleviate these discrepancies and reach their student body.