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Evaluation of Load Tests for Driven Piles for the Alabama Department of Transportation




Hill, Jacob

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


A study was carried out to evaluate load testing methods for driven piles for the Alabama Department of Transportation. Dynamic and static load test data were assembled to form the database used in this study. The field reported resistances predicted by the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) were compared to 2.5 times the design load for each pile in the study. Blow measurements from the PDA were analyzed using the CAse Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP) to determine an estimate of ultimate resistance, and compared to the ultimate resistance predicted by the PDA. PDA beta values were compared with results from CAPWAP to confirm pile integrity. Recommendations and conclusions are described for effectively testing driven piles in Alabama. Correlation is shown between PDA beta values and damage indicated from CAPWAP, in addition to correlations between PDA and CAPWAP.