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Low-Power, High-Performance Frequency Dividers for a Phase-Locked Loop




Daniels, Kyle

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The world embraces the dawn of 5G implementation, and there is much work to be done. Companies, researchers, engineers, and many more posterities of people are pressing into high-frequency ranges, which presents a plethora of challenges. In the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design (RFIC) field, dividers have received widespread interest. A frequency divider is a pivotal component of a Phase Lock Loop (PLL). The frequency divider is the feedback portion of the PLL, which receives the open-loop output. Thus, frequency dividers are the point of interest in this thesis. A frequency divider takes the input signal and divides it for reduced frequency output. Bandwidth is expensive; therefore, being able to reduce the frequency channels is of significant importance. The frequency divider reduces the frequency channels distance of a PLL, which is a significant factor when trying to return the open-loops output signal into the original reference frequency of the oscillator. Finally, a tunable divider would make this even more ideal. Being able to divide input frequencies by integer or fractional values would enable more applications for the finished PLL product.