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Del ángel del hogar a la mujer nueva en Las chicas del cable y La otra mirada




Aranda Aranda, Zara

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Foreign Language and Literature


This master’s thesis focuses on today’s television representation of female subalternity at the beginning of the twentieth century in Spain. The feminist movement of that time was gradually growing stronger in the country, and its ideas provided a path to liberation for the combative female agency who pursued a way to break with the instructions of the patriarchal society. Within this context, the analysis of the female characters gives evidence of the different mechanisms or tactics of resistance that, in a coercive patriarchal system of the 20s, allowed women to seek some independence both in the private and the public spheres. Likewise, from a feminist perspective, the examination of these cultural representations is relevant since it opens a space for reflection in which the viewer is invited to think about the burgeoning female agency arisen at the beginning of the twentieth century.