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An Approach to Create a Commercially Successful Portable Electronic Audio Device Through Design and Marketing




Elizabeth, Keller

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Ever changing technologies and market conditions feed the need to continually research and update product design. Specifically, within the music technology sector, electronic audio devices (EAD) are advancing every year. Throughout the various consumer audiences, electronic audio devices have a lasting and memorable impact on the user. There needs to be an approach for designing and marketing EADs that is better able to produce a commercially successful product. Combining marketing and design creates an ideal user experience for the consumer. In this study, there will be interviews from successful companies and descriptions of how their product lines are developed through the combination of their design and marketing teams. Design and marketing strategies will be collected, analyzed, and discussed. Properly combining design and marketing aspects are key to creating a commercially successful EAD and obtaining positive returns on investments. Additionally, well-defined approach for the design team that is in line with the marketing teams’ strategies ultimately leads to a more commercially successful and innovative EAD.