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MEMS and Additively Manufactured Micro-Mechanical Isolator




Bond, Arthur III

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The purpose of the research effort was the development and evaluation of mechanical isolators. Some MEMS sensors have a known vulnerability to high frequency vibrations in various environments. The nature of the vulnerability was characterized through literature. A theoretical solution to combat the vulnerability was developed and packaged into devices known as mechanical isolators. Two mechanical isolators were developed. Both isolators shared similar functionality but were greatly different in execution. The isolator concepts were evaluated through simulations and adjusted to exhibit desirable behavior. Each concept was fabricated by its respected means. The fabricated prototypes were evaluated in simulated conditions with the use of a mechanical shaker and a laser vibrometer. Secondary damping components were introduced and served to aid in isolator performance. Certain configurations of the isolators were found to provide the sensor with adequate isolation from high frequency vibration inducing environments.