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The Impact of edTPA on Physical Education Teacher Education Programs, University Faculty, and Cooperating Teachers




Grimes, Jessica

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation




Empirical research on consequential edTPA implementation with university programs, teacher candidates, and cooperating teachers is plentiful in general education literature. However, to date no empirical literature exists on edTPA and physical education as a specific program area. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of edTPA on physical education teacher education programs, the relationship between programmatic change and student performance, and the impact on cooperating teachers in the state of Alabama after consequential edTPA implementation. Participants were 11 university faculty and 13 cooperating teachers. Data collection included surveys, individual interviews, and programmatic edTPA mean scores for the 2018-2019 academic year. Survey data were analyzed to produce descriptive statistics and total curricular change within each program. A correlational analysis determined the relationship between programmatic change and subsequent student performance, and interview data generated qualitative themes. Results indicated all programs made at least eight of the 18 curricular changes outlined in the survey and a positive correlation was found between programmatic change and subsequent student performance, although not significant (r(6) = .64, p < .05). Three themes emerged from university faculty interviews highlighting the importance of edTPA “Buy-In”, teaching to edTPA, and seeking support. Cooperating teacher survey results indicated 85% felt they should be an active supporter of teacher candidates’ edTPA work. Cooperating teacher interviews produced three themes including edTPA as “unrealistic”, the need for support, and edTPA as “a worthwhile assessment”. These findings suggest programmatic curricular change due to edTPA can be beneficial to physical education programs and cooperating teachers want to support teacher candidates during edTPA but do not know enough about edTPA to do so.