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QueueAdmin: The Effects of an Advance Queue Management System on Barbershop Administration




Gosha, Kinnis

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


Queue Management has been a problem for many years in many domains including the Financial, Health Care, Public and Retail Sectors. In this age of technology it is not only important to organize the existing queue, but to gather statistics about the queue in order to identify trends that could be anticipated. For many barbershops, these needs are not addressed in a sophisticated manner. This study will suggest that a Queue Management System such as QueueAdmin will improve the satisfaction of a shop’s customers as well as their barbers. The tool used in this study, QueueAdmin, is a database driven, online application to manage the different waiting list of a barbershop. In order to provide better functionality and to maximize use of all the information collected, QueueAdmin has three interfaces: the Administrative interface, the Employee interface and the Customer interface. Instead of limited these interfaces with standard keyboard input, they will vi multi-modal using touch screen technology as well as wireless web interface for use with cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). This makes it a robust solution to an existing practical problem.