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Guidelines for the Proper Application of Color and Light in the Health and Fitness Industry for the Purpose of Improving User Experience and Performance




Logan, Joshua

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


Guidelines that demonstrate the proper application of color and light for the purpose of improving user experience and performance with consideration given to equipment selection and layout within the realm of a health and fitness facility are presented in this thesis. A conclusion was reached that color and light can positively affect user experience and performance, if properly applied, within a fitness facility. The presented guidelines were developed from existing research and observations of existing facilities. A need for the developed guidelines was realized through the analysis of existing facilities in determining that little consideration, if any, was given to the affect color and light may have on the user of the observed facility. It was found that by altering the color of a space the user experienced increased energy levels and responded better to stimuli. This principle was then applied to the health and fitness facility. Considering that the application of these guidelines is theoretical, no testing or practical application was completed. Hypothetical application was done in a side-by-side comparison for before and after analysis. Improving user experience and performance is the goal of the research. This goal is achieved by studying the affects of color and light on the user of a health and fitness facility. The purpose of the research is to develop a set of guidelines that allows for the easy application of the developed theories with consideration for layout and equipment selection.