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On the Design, Synthesis, and Radiation Effect Prevention of a 6U Deep Space CubeSat




Halvorson, Michael

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Mechanical Engineering


The Alabama Space Grant Consortium initiated a workforce development program across seven universities to build a 6U CubeSat with an astrophysics payload. The science mission, an investigation on the efficacy of augmented lunar regolith as radiation shielding, required the CubeSat to be outside of the magnetosphere for maximal data return. Artemis II was the only launch vehicle capable of achieving the science distance requirement and released a solicitation for CubeSat secondary payloads. Significant research in deep space thermal modeling, electric propulsion optimization, and high frequency communications strategy was completed. Artemis II canceled its CubeSat opportunity, but the first comprehensive guide to deep space CubeSat design is conferred to the CubeSat development community.