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A Design Approach for Developing a Service in Promoting Healthy Eating Behavior




Gheitani, shekoofeh

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


The transition from home to school and living independently make significant changes in freshman college students lifestyle. Research states that freshman college students do not have healthy eating behavior and barely meet their essential balanced nutrients while using dining hall facilities. Studies also show that freshman college students gain weight more than any other age group. During this period, their eating behavior can be affected by many internal and external factors, including Social activity, food choices, eating habits, dining hall facilities, available foods, friends, exams, stress, housing, etc. This thesis aims to analyze how these factors can affect students' eating behavior and which ones are the most important when making food choices at dining hall facilities during their freshman year. This study also provides a set of tools and methods for designers to determine how they can implement a healthy eating lifestyle into the students' lives. The result of this research is a practical mobile-based application project that helps freshman students make better food choices every day and balance their diets while using dining hall facilities.