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Warehouse Operations




Ansari, Mohammadnaser

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Warehouse operations include the administrative and physical processes related to the storage of materials and goods. Although some view a warehouse as only a place to store goods, the processes of storage, consolidation, packing, and shipping provide substantial economic benefits to both the business itself and the customers. As the primary objectives of the logistic systems are lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction by reducing overall inventory and decreasing the cycle time, warehouses play a significant role in achieving these goals. Our goal in this research is to propose new methods and approaches and pave the research path for other researchers working in this field. We aim to provide researchers with a set of tools and methods that can help them ease the processes in designing, developing, and testing new methods and approaches. Our research can also be the first step for future developments in tools and methods that can be used to facilitate the process of developing and testing warehouse operation models. We encourage the research community to utilize the free and available tools to facilitate their warehouse operations research endeavors and provide valuable feedback and improvements.